Other Hikes in the Galilee

I did a great deal of hiking in Israel (almost all in the north) before embarking on the Shvil, and since I have photos of it, I thought I'd upload the photos and write-ups of a few of the longer, overnight jaunts. In most cases I didn't keep a daily journal, but I'll throw in commentary on interesting sites and so forth anyway.

A lot of these are secondary routes found in the Jesus Trail guidebook, so I've included the guidebook section designations in case you have a copy on hand. They're in the format Jxx, where the numbers refer to various connected sections of trail (J1-9 being the original Jesus Trail, 10-19 being the loop around the Sea of Galilee, and so on).

The hikes are in the order I did them. This isn't a complete list of the backpacking trips I did, much less all the day hikes, but it's what I have pictures from.