Day 26: Sansana to ?? (Near Dvira?)

Day 26, March 25: Another day of nice scenery. Green hills and fields. Bedouin heritage museum. Mud in morning. Got sunny around noon. Nice light in afternoon. Camp in small wadi but no hammockable trees - need better suspension. Passed by shepherds with flock - very cool picture. Will be in Jerusalem soon to get camera fixed, send dead weight to Nazareth and hopefully cheap haircut

I remember this day, or one of the ones around it, being full of weird bugs. Very strange, colorful critters crawling and hopping everywhere. I wasn't used to seeing very many visible bugs in the Middle East besides the mosquitoes that swarm on you if you're near water, so it was a noticeable change. I also remember the sky being mostly cloudy, but sun hitting the wheat fields in the afternoon from a low angle and making everything very vivid and beautiful.

This night we camped in a little wadi, thinking it would be secluded, and then had a shepherd and his flock pass us. The sheep and goats - hundreds of them - flowed around us like a river around an island. It was like we had moved back in time - the idea of shepherds seems anachronistic, but it really isn't at all.

Note that I failed to obtain the haircut I had hoped for back in Midreshet Ben-Gurion. Somebody supposedly had clippers and was supposed to do it, but I could never find them, or something. I forget. By this point my hair was getting shaggy, and I hate not being able to wash my hair when it's longer.

Joyce and Idan setting up camp in our "secluded" wadi. Idan with a Henry Shires Tarp Tent

The river of sheep flows past the island of our camp
Photo by Idan Brodet

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