Day 6: Shabbat at Yotvata

Day 6: Shabbat at Yotvata

Day 6, March 5: Hung out for Shabbat. Read and listened to Jethro Tull. Played intense card game. Perfect weather. Night not so good - crammed into stuffy gym, some dude talked for years about God knows what, people yelling everywhere till 11. Woken up before any hint of light. Camp: gym

That Sabbath was pretty relaxing and blissful. I had brought along a pocket sized Bible with the goal of reading it throughout the trail, and I made it a good way in on that day. The night was awful though. We got shipped over to some kibbutz gym where an old guy told what was probably a fascinating story for what seriously felt like years, but it would have been rude for me to fall asleep, and even after he was done (somewhere around 11) people kept the lights and noise on for a while. I'm sure I missed out on a valuable history lesson, but I was too exhausted to try and understand. Given that I hadn't done anything physical all day, this was a sign of my internal clock shifting toward grandpa mode.

In honor of the sabbath, I give you a kosher delicacy (Leviticus 11:22).

Sun's going down...better eat a cricket

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