Photo Credits

Photography Credits

I took my Canon 30D with me on the hike, using a 50mm lens lent to me by Dave Landis after my own lens broke. Then, following the trend of my bad luck with cameras in the Middle East, the camera itself quit working while I was touring Masada. As of April 2012, it's still broken, pending a somewhat expensive repair which I've been putting off.

All this to say, the photos from the Negev section of the trail are almost all my own, but from Arad north, all photos were taken either by someone else, or by me on someone else's camera. I've credited the photographer whenever possible, and if in doubt about who took it, erred on the side of crediting them. Any photo without a credit was taken by me, or in a few cases, taken of me by an unknown fellow hiker.

Thanks to Idan Brodet and Joyce Bosman, my hiking partners, for the use of their photos and for occasionally lending me their cameras. Thanks also to Dave Landis for letting me use some of his work, and of course for the use of the lens. More of his photography here.

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