Day 36-37: Break in Ra'anana

Day 36-37: Break in Ra'anana

Days 36 and 37, April 4 and 5: We did not do anything but laze around watching comedies. Got to upload some pictures. Acquired minor caffeine addiction by drinking 2 cups - 1 a day.

We also played Settlers of Catan. I made up the joke: "What's the most popular game in Israel?" "Settlers!" Idan didn't think this was funny. I think a lot of Israelis don't like thinking about the whole settlement enterprise and occupation situation, but if you ask me they should - not least since it's a cancer that's going to destroy their country if not checked. But that's another story.

I also decided caffeine is the devil's work, after a small cup of coffee each morning left me with withdrawal on the third day. Since escaping the land of Arabic coffee, I have sworn off the stuff and my sleep cycle and wakefulness are noticeably better.

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