Day 57: Har Bar-Yohai to Nahal Dishon

Day 57: Har Bar-Yohai to Nahal Dishon

Day 57, April 25: Last night coldest ever. Still cold at 9am because clouds and wind. Can't believe I survived actually. Got to lookout over valley that looks a lot like Virginia mountains. Cold but later perfect weather. Nahal Dishon VERY beautiful. Several bulls. Camped out with Dave and Anna. Talked about places to travel. Want to either go to Argentina/Chile, Central Asia or New Zealand. But it will be a while. Camp: Wadi Dishon.

I don't know how much that valley looked like the Blue Ridge Mountains and how much I was just getting nostalgic for back home. Nahal Dishon, though, was probably the best wadi I hiked in - steep walls hundreds of feet high, entirely covered in thick green grass and millions of bright yellow flowers. It was sublime. All kinds of side streams fed into the main one and tempted me to go explore those canyons, too.

Dave and Anna (the Jesus Trail guidebook authors) were hiking south along the first few days of the trail, and we met up to camp here. Dave had camped there on his free travel during cross-cultural and has a story he likes to tell about waking up to find wild dogs circling their campsite, visible only by their eyes in the dark. This would be a scary experience, not to mention the demonic howling noises those animals make.

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